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I Choose Love

I Choose Love (Pixaby Image) I Choose Love (Pixaby Image)

The past couple of months have felt so intense, as has much of this year. Such a profound time of facing our Soul and coming back to our core values and what really matters at this time of Great Change and Transformation on our beloved Planet. As we draw closer to the end of this most powerful year of 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius to bring in the culture of the New Age of Aquarius, I feel the magnitude of my choices and the urgency of the times. 

Over the past couple months I have been working with some very deep triggers in the depths of my Soul, memories of past-lives on the Earth when there was so much unrest, times when beings were falsely accused of things that were not true and were put to death during the witch hunts across Europe, during Nazi Germany, the Fall of Atlantis, the annihilation of the Cathars in S. France, and so many other times when there was great unrest, war and polarization. I have been working through this as well as through so many emotions and feelings that these times have triggered deep within. 

I have had many sleepless nights and so many feelings emerging of sadness about the human condition, deep grief at how we treat each other and our Earth Mother, the animals, creatures and nature. In moments the grief is hard to hold inside, as is the anger that also emerges at the injustices in our world, at the lack of TRUTH, at the lack of love, kindness and compassion. I have also had to deal with PTSD like symptoms as well as fears of not feeling safe, not knowing who I can trust, or who I align with. 

At times lately I have gotten caught up in the divisiveness that is happening in our world, especially in the socio-cultural and political climate in the USA and worldwide. I have had so many moments, hours and days of feeling so deeply concerned and disturbed by what I hear and see that I have had a hard time staying positive and holding the larger spiritual perspective, which is usually very easy for me to do. To say the least I have felt challenged to the max in every fiber of my being, like I imagine many of you have also been experiencing and I have struggled to find peace.

When I stand back and observe all that is transpiring in our world and witness the dialogues and conversations between people, I first feel deep sadness, a sadness that we have become so polarized, that we have fallen into an ‘us versus them’ consciousness with so much hatred at each other. I feel a deep sadness that we can’t seem to come together and just listen to one another, to hear each other out, so together we can solve the problems of our world at such a crucial time on our Planet. I also realize that what I see out there is also within me and so I turn within to find internal order, balance, healing and peace. 

Like I am sure many of you have been doing, I have had to really process all this in the depths of my Soul and find a way to return to the Light of positivity once more, to see the bigger picture again.

When I stand back and see the larger picture from the vantage point of my Higher Self, and when I listen deeply to the Mother Earth, what I see and feel is a battle for Truth going on right now, some would say a battle between Light and the Dark, the Left and Right, between Good and Evil, a polarization that has become extreme.

From this vantage point, what I have come to in this present moment is that I do not want to be part of the battle any more. I do not want to debate any more, nor do I want to try to convince any one else of what I believe is true. Nor do I want to make any one or anything the enemy out there. I choose not to demonize anyone, nor to project my fear upon someone else, nor to raise anyone to sainthood, nor to see anyone outside of myself as greater or lesser, nor as a savior or enemy.

This is exactly the consciousness that we are to transform now if we are to find Peace on our planet and move through this critical time into the Aquarian Age. It is important that we awaken and realize that we are truly all in this together. 

I am reminded that it only takes a certain number of enlightened beings that have attained and can embody a higher consciousness to shift our entire planet. This consciousness is what some would call Christ Consciousness, or what we know as the ancient wisdom at the root of many Indigenous cultures. It is a heart-based consciousness and wisdom that embraces ALL life as sacred, that sees the Divine within everything and every one, that sees the wholeness and balances the polarities within, that embraces “we” consciousness, that transforms separation and embraces Unity, that lives from LOVE rather than fear.

In my heart of hearts, I know that we all come from the same Source, that we are ALL connected in the Unified Field, all part of the Great Web of Creation that Grandmother Spider Woman weaves. We are brothers and sisters, all part of the same human family, even with all our differences and diversity. So how can we come together again and resolve our differences so that we can live in harmony and balance with the Earth, each other and ALL creatures? How can we hold ALL life as sacred again?? How can we move through this time in a peaceful way? How can we transform our consciousness into Unity Consciousness?

These are the questions I am sitting deeply with right now. 

And I know in my heart of hearts that I choose to walk the Beauty Way, to honor all life as sacred, to see the Beauty and Divine within everything and everyone even when it is really hard to do. I choose to move through my fears and come back into Love time and time again. I choose to see through the differences to what unites us. I choose to walk gently upon the Earth and to honor the preciousness of all life. I choose to care deeply for our Mother Earth, to think of Her and the future generations in all my choices and decision in life. 

I choose to find peace and love within. Instead of pointing fingers out there or demonizing anyone, I choose to do the inner work necessary to help transform our world into a more loving and peaceful Planet from the inside out.

I choose to embody Peace. I choose embody Love. I choose to embody Kindness. I choose to embody Compassion above all else. 

I support Truth. I support Justice. I support Equality for ALL. 

And I vote for Peace. I vote for Justice. I vote for Equality. I vote for what nourishes the Mother Earth and ALL life!

At this crucial time and always, I choose to be a vessel of Love and Truth for our Planet. I embrace my Sovereign Divinity and I choose Love!! Will you join me?

In service to Love and Truth and in devotion to the Oneness that unites us ALL, 
Deborah El’elia 
A humble voice for the Mother…



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