Gaia Sophia Temple of The Heart

A Holy Mother Temple of Divine Love & Service

Devoted to the Healing & Restoration of the Sacred Feminine, Mother Earth & All Beings…
Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

Divine Feminine Healing & Empowerment Sessions, Wise Woman Priestess Mentoring

Receive deep healing, spiritual support and mentoring

Welcome Beloved Sisters...

Golden Triquetta

It is such a powerful time to be alive as the Divine Feminine is RISING on our beloved planet… Awakening us deep within… Re-kindling our Sacred Flames… Pulsing us to stand up to be a Vessel of Love on our Planet… A voice of Truth and Compassion…

Emerging She Is… and there is nothing that can hold Her back as Her holy seeds are sparked inside us… germinating, sprouting, unfolding and flowering into their Full Beauty and Sovereignty deep within each one of us and within every woman on our Planet!

She is ALIVE and Magic is afoot!!

Her Ancient Voice awakening us to our very core… shaking us to our bones… stirring our Souls deep within…

Awakening within us a remembrance of ancient times on the Earth when we lived in sacred relationship with each other, with Mother Nature, with the Goddess, the elements and All of Life…

Golden Triquetta


Her Sacred Temples we worshiped in as we celebrated Her cycles and Seasons… as we danced under the Full Moon… ran through the forest and bathed naked in Her Rivers…

As we were initiated into Her Ancient Ways… As we walked the Path of Love… Holding the Wisdom of the Ages in our Soul…

As we walked through the veils and into the mists… Carrying the Keys and Codes of the Divine Feminine Mysteries deep within the inner stillness of our Soul…

Painting by Pamela Matthews
(Painting by Pamela Matthews)

Calling the ancient priestesses, wise women, witches, mid-wives & healers, curanderos & medicine women, ceremonialists, community leaders, artists, poets, dancers, musicians, visionaries, lovers, sisters, mothers and grandmothers that we are…

We are Remembering...

WE ARE REMEMBERING that WE ARE SACRED VESSELS of the Goddess… That our body is a Sacred Temple…

We are REMEMBERING that we are the Daughters of the Great Mother Goddess… Daughters of the Earth and Stars returning now…

We are AWAKENING and we are hearing the call of our Ancient Priestess lineages…

Our Mother is calling Her daughters home now…

Golden Triskle

Calling us home beloved sisters to heal and to remember our ancient gifts & sacred medicine… that we may come out of hiding and make a difference in our world.

Calling us to re-claim our voice that we may be Her voice now on our planet in such need of love, healing and restoration… We are being called now to be a living EMBODIMENT of the Goddess on Earth… to root our feet deeply on Her sacred ground… To stand tall as the Ancient Trees of Life that we are…

Ready to be the sacred stewards and guardians of our beloved Planet Gaia… as Her sacred daughters once more…

Painting by Pamela Matthews

We are Emerging... We are Healing ...

We are Rising Rooted and Strong...

Empowered & Brave ...

Golden Triquetta

Ready to take back our Planet, to break the chains of the patriarchy and come into equal partnership with the masculine, into sacred relationship with ALL beings and with ALL LIFE that we may birth the New Earth together.

Golden Triquetta

You have a sacred place here. You matter. You belong. Your voice is so important. Your Presence is welcomed here. Your gifts are so needed NOW!

Services & Offerings

To assist you on your journey of healing and empowerment
I offer sessions, ceremonies, guided meditations, mentoring
and many other sacred offerings…

‘Sophia’ Painting by Pamela Matthews
(‘Sophia’ Painting by Pamela Matthews)

From these offering you can:

Receive deep healing, support and spiritual mentoring for your sacred life and Divine Feminine Wise Woman Priestess Path.
Heal from childhood, relationship, ancestral and past-life trauma, abuse and soul wounds.
Retrieve lost aspects of your Soul and feel more whole again.
Transform victim consciousness and release old fears.
Take back your power.
Re-claim your Voice and the ancient gifts of your Soul.
Step into your full Sovereignty and greater destiny.
Connect deeply with the Goddess, Holy Mother & Divine Feminine as she lives within you & all around you.
Honor your life transitions and rites of passage in a sacred way.
Align with the Lunar, Venusian and Seasonal Cycles and other Celestial and Planetary alignments to bring you into greater resonance with All Life.
Learn more about your own inner Divine Feminine as She is revealed in your astrological chart and inner archetypes.
Embody the Love, Light and Power of the Divine Feminine.
Walk the Path of the Wise Woman Priestess on our Planet.
Rise up as a Daughter of the Earth to assist in the healing of Gaia and the birthing of the New Earth.
('Triple Goddess' Painting by Pamela Matthews)

In these sessions I support your journey of deep soul healing and empowerment, helping you to re-claim your voice, take back your power and your ancient soul gifts, to develop self-love and a more loving, compassionate and nurturing relationship with yourself.

I assist you to heal ancient soul wounds, develop healthy and loving relationships, and support you in stepping onto your own unique priestess and wise woman path.

When needed I weave in astrological and ancient earth wisdom, akashic past-life regression, crystal & sound healing, flower and gem essences, healing ceremonies, guided meditations, wise woman herbs and essential oils, anointing, mindfulness meditation, divination, and channeled messages.

I welcome you with all my heart to take the journey of your own Divine Feminine Empowerment and to Walk the Path of the Goddess on Earth.

(artist credit?)

These powerful sessions can help you heal past-life memories of times where you were persecuted or disempowered, where you experienced loss and pain, as well as to retrieve lost parts of your Soul and your Ancient gifts from times as a priestess and wise woman. These sessions can also help you heal your most ancient memories of abuse, rape and trauma from this life and other lives and to re-claim your power and sacred medicine!

(Mary Magdalene by Pamela Mattews)

These channeled sessions are guided by the Holy Mother, Celestial Mothers and Sisters of Light, Gaia Sophia, Angels & Archangels, Goddesses and Ancient Grandmothers to bring deep healing and empowerment to your heart, soul and Spirit. You will receive divine guidance from these amazing Divine Feminine beings to guide and inspire your life. Click here to learn more about these sessions.

Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart

Gaia Sophia
Temple of The Heart

Together we are healing & transforming our planet from the inside out!

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Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your Sacred Heart.
Blessed Be ALL beings. Blessed Be our Beloved Mother Earth Gaia.