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Devoted to the Healing & Restoration of the Sacred Feminine, Mother Earth & All Beings…
Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

DreamWork & Shamanic DreamWork Journeys

Dreams are a gateway to the Soul

Psyche’s Dream ~ Painting by Josephine Wall:
(Psyche’s Dream ~ Painting by Josephine Wall)

Used to shine “light” on your unconscious & unravel the
deeper meaning, wisdom & guidance from your dreams.

Dreams are a gateway to the Soul, and connect us to both the Personal and Collective Unconscious

The images and symbols of our dreams hold such deep wisdom and healing potential when we take the time to unravel their sacred meanings.

In ancient times, people from many different cultures went to Dream Temples to invoke sacred dreams that would bring them messages from the Divine.

DreamWork is a very sacred, powerful and ancient tool to help you understand your deepest feelings, unconscious fears, and the deeper aspects of your Soul as they are revealed in your dream-time.

Dreams are multi-layered and can help you gain important insight into the many aspects of your inner soul, masculine and feminine, as well as about the issues in your present life and relationships. They can also be tremendously healing, and working from your waking consciousness with them can bring deep revelations.

“Dreams of Atlantis” by Josephine Wall
(Original Painting ‘Dreams of Atlantis’ by Josephine Wall)

Dreams can also be prophetic or psychic revealing important information for you to become aware of. They sometimes bring to the surface memories, from this life and past lives, as well as can be profoundly healing and transformational. Sometimes through our dreams we come in contact with Spirit Guides and helpers, and have deep spiritual experiences and initiations, or receive visitations from our Ancestors. At times we also receive spiritual training as we sleep and travel to the inner planes of Spirit.

Golden Triquetta

By exploring and working with the symbols, feelings and experiences revealed in your dreams you can receive important messages and spiritual wisdom from your unconscious, from you Higher Self and from Divine Source that can greatly help you in your daily life.


Wings of a Dream ~ Painting by Charles Frizzell ~
(Wings of a Dream ~ Painting by Charles Frizzell ~

Sometimes a Shamanic Dream Journey can be very helpful, deeply empowering and transformational as well.

In these sessions, I guide you on a journey back into a lucid dream state, where I support you to interact within your dream with various characters, ancestors, soul aspects, places and symbols. These are powerful sessions where so much can be brought back into the light of awareness and healed. During the session you are laying down with crystals on your chakras and with the crystal signing bowls, drum or rattle to take you into a deep dream state.

Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart

Gaia Sophia
Temple of The Heart

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