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Flower and Gem Essence Consultations

Gentle yet Powerful Essences to Heal your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit

Original Painting © by Pamela Matthews:
(Original Painting © by Pamela Matthews:

Gentle yet Powerful Essences to Heal
your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit

Flower and gem essences are vibrational in nature and carry the Spirit or Soul essence of flowers and gem stones that have been studied and well researched to heal and balance the emotional, mental, spiritual and soul aspects of our being.

Each flower or gemstone has it’s own unique 'signature' and vibration. They are created with utmost respect and honoring of Mother Earth and are made in fresh spring or distilled water. The petals, whole flower, or gems are carefully placed in the water and the Light of the Sun then imprints the soul vibration into the water that then holds the vibration. This is the "mother essence" that is then preserved with brandy and made into "stock essences" and it is from the stock essence that your remedy is made.

“Honeysuckle” by Josephine Wall
(Original Painting ‘Honeysuckle’ by Josephine Wall)

Some flower essences are made by the no-pick method and the over-lighting devas of the particular flower, plant or stone are called to oversee the creation of the essence. Sometimes they are made during various Moon phases or at powerful astrological times. They are preserved with brandy and are taken internally under the tongue or put into water to drink.

They can assist and support any healing work you are doing, are completely harmless and do not interact with other herbs or medications.

It is very likely that flower/gem essences were used in ancient times but in our modern times they originated in the early 1900's in England through the work and research of physicist, Dr. Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Essences. Since this time there are many amazing new flower essence companies creating new species of flower, gem and nature essences.

Dr. Bach believed that dis-ease arises when we are not at ease within, when we are disconnected from our Higher Self, our Soul's Purpose and destiny, and from a Higher Power or Divine Universal Source. He believed that when we are connected in these areas of life there is a natural state of health and well-being on all levels.

Golden Triquetta

The flower/gem essences help bring you back into greater harmony with nature, your Higher Self, with your Soul's Purpose and Destiny, as well as with
Universal Source/Great Spirit!

I have been working closely with flower essences since 1981, both in my personal and professional life and have found them to be profoundly healing, supportive and transformational. It is such a gift to be able to work with these beautiful flower and gem essence Spirits in such an honoring, loving and conscious way.

I have found them to be quite subtle, helping to bring deep insight, greater awareness and gentle but profound healing to those who are open and ready.

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman
(Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman)
Bleeding Heart
(Bleeding Heart)

In a flower/gem essence consultation, or in a counseling or healing session,

I will create a specialized alchemical “remedy” (a unique combination of nature, flower, tree and/or gem essences) to suit your specific individual needs.

I do this after we have spent time discussing your current emotional, mental and spiritual state of being as well as any feelings, conflicts, inner and external struggles you are having.

As we get to the core of the issues you are dealing with, it becomes clear what specific essences will best assist your healing process at this time. Then I will dowse the essences that seem resonant with what you are going through in your life, as you hold them, to get further validation and to hone in on the specific essences to include in your special remedy.

Pink Lotus
(Pink Lotus)

The remedy usually last 3-6 weeks, during which time it is suggested that you observe with great awareness what you are experiencing, dreaming and feeling. It is a perfect time to keep a journal to track and ground your experience. Often the remedies work in layers, and many insights and energetic shifts begin to occur.

When you complete the remedy, either when you are all out it, or when you begin to lose interest in taking it we will re-evaluate to see if another remedy is needed. Sometimes, with really deep issues, it can be helpful to continue with the same remedy for longer with perhaps some minor adjustments to it, or if a lot has shifted for you, perhaps a new remedy may be needed.

Golden Triquetta
Rugosa Roses in Cape Elizabeth, Maine (Photo I took)
(Rugosa Roses in Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Photo I took)

I have been creating gem essences for over 20 years and more recently created flower and tree essence from my old medicine wheel garden in Maine. I look forward to creating essences from the trees and desert flower here in Sedona and Northern Arizona where I now reside.

I also use many amazing flower essences from other companies including: Bach, FES (Flower Essence Society of North America), Star Essences (Peruvian Orchids and Essences from Santa Barbara, CA), Desert Alchemy, Aluna Joy's ceremonial essences, Peralandra, Chalice Well Essences (Glastonbury, England), Bush Flowers and Rose of Raphael Essences both from Australia.


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