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Devoted to the Healing & Restoration of the Sacred Feminine, Mother Earth & All Beings…
Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Deborah El'elia

A voice for the Mother

Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, & Soul Healing Sessions

Receive deep soul healing & transformation

Come Home to Your Soul
Remember Who You Really Are

Golden Triquetta

Many of us are feeling a profound call to heal our Soul, release old karma, transform our consciousness, heal our relationships, and raise our spiritual vibration so we can live a sacred and happy life and fulfill our soul’s purpose.

At Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart, my focus is to support your deep inner soul healing and transformational journey and to guide you home to the profound beauty and wisdom of your Soul.

I am here to help you to REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY ARE as a SOUL

I hold an unconditionally loving space for you to heal all wounds, karma, suffering and pain, so you can be liberated on a deep soul level.

I support you to deepen your self-love, re-claim your truth and your voice, and call back your power you have given away, so you can have a healthy relationships with yourself and your loved ones from a place of your sovereignty and inner strength.

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman
(Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman)

As a loving witness and soul mid-wife, I hold a sacred space for the birth of your authentic self and sacred gifts on Earth, and guide and support your soul's path of spiritual growth and awakening and the fulfillment of your greater purpose.

I honor that wherever you are in your life right now, it is sacred. All your life transitions and experiences are part of the Divine Plan unfolding in your life. Every step, every challenge, every experience, every hurt, every heart break, every loss, every joy, every new birth, every death, has all been part of your soul's journey to bring you to this present moment NOW, and these have been deep initiations for your Soul to help you grow and evolve. When seen in this light you are more able to find peace and inner strength.

Golden Triquetta

Services & Offerings

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman
(Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman)

I honor you as the unique and Divine Being that you are, and I am here to support you to allow all that no longer serves you to drop away so you can shine as the Love and Light Bearer you are and create the life of your hearts’ dreaming. Our world needs YOU now!!!

To assist your Sacred Healing Journey I lovingly offer the following sessions:


Deep Healing, Transformation & Awakening for your Soul. Supporting you through all life transitions and rites of passage.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Soul Counseling with Astrological Wisdom, Dream-work and Shamanic Dream Journeys, Sound & Crystal healing, Flower & Gem essences, Inner Child & Past-life Regression Therapy with soul retrieval and crystal sound healing, Guided Meditation & Shamanic Journeys, Ancient Wise Woman Healing.

(Original Painting by Charles Frizzell)

with Soul Retrieval and Crystal & Shamanic Sound Healing

Shed your past. Heal inner child and ancient soul wounds from this life and past lives. Release old akashic records. Break vows, contracts & agreements. Lift burdens from your heart, Soul and Ancestral Lineages. Find deep forgiveness of self and others. End karmic cycles to be free. Retrieve lost Soul parts and Re-claim ancient spiritual gifts and abilities from previous incarnations.

‘Angel of the Crystal Kingdom’  from an Original Painting by Pamela Matthews
(‘Angel of the Crystal Kingdom’ from an Original Painting by Pamela Matthews)

Receive deep healing, chakra alignment & energy re-balancing, inner peace and enhanced spiritual connection with the Divine, Mother Earth, Ancestors and Spiritual Guides. Receive healing from the crystal realms and over-lightening crystal devas. Bathe in the soothing and illuminating sounds of crystal singing bowls and other sound instruments. Receive light language codes of light and love channeled to you through sacred sound and toning from the Family of Light into your being.

(From an original painting by Pamela Matthews)

Receive deep energetic, vibrational and emotional healing from Flower and Gem Essences to support your unique transformational journey. Heal & transform grief, loss, sadness, past-life and childhood wounds. Release layers of emotions, fears, anxieties, despair, depression and other negative energies to re-claim and restore your Joy, Happiness, Spiritual Connection, Inner Peace, Mental Clarity, Emotional Balance and Equilibrium.


Shine Light on your unconscious and Unravel the deeper meaning, wisdom and guidance from your dreams.


Deeply healing and transformational ceremonies to help you break out of out-moded patterns, release old vows, contracts, agreements and attachments, or to help you move through a life transition and rite of passage in a deeply sacred way. Receive deep support from the Spiritual Realms and the Family of Light to assist you in your life passage so you feel deeply held and supported by Spirit.

Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart

Gaia Sophia
Temple of The Heart

Together we are healing & transforming our planet from the inside out!

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Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your Sacred Heart.
Blessed Be ALL beings. Blessed Be our Beloved Mother Earth Gaia.